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dog. >> s this jack. he's a really, really good dog. he lays down on his collar for me to put him on. >> knows her feet she's going to put it on him. she does a lot of stuff using her feel the. >> he loves being letted -- petted with my feet. >> she's pouring his water. she takes up his bowl it in her feet and scoops up his bowl to feed him and how she takes him for a walk. by using some hooks and chain she connects the dog chain to her belt loop and takes him for a walk. >> that girl is unstoppable. there is nothing she cannot do. we have tisha right this minute via skype. >> i know you frequently answer questions about what you do without arms. were you surprised by the question you got about how do you take care of your dog? >> everyone wants to know how i do things and since he's here might as well show everybody how i take care of him. >> your born without arms? >> yes. so using my feet is first instant. >> you have such a good attitude about everything you do. do you ever get frustrated? >> yes. getting dressed is probably one of the most frustrating things. i sometimes take a
also have increased technology, license plate reader technology, lo-jack technology. >> more than 156,000 cars were reported stolen last year. 84.9% of them were recovered. even so, last year's thefts cost californians about $1 billion. >>> the majority of owner of jack lennon square, the san francisco-based company announced the purchase of the buildings in concord plaza. market sources estimate the price tag at about 94 million. the buildings are fully leased by the bank of america and are part of a former four-building bank of america campus. >>> apple is reaching out to employees to help fix problems with its new map software. this comes after several complaints we've been telling you about. they say the maps were rife with errors and omissions. some ples are spending about 40 hours every week going through the maps to look for problems. since last week, the number of people using the maps has gone down by 30%. >>> today was national walk to school day. all over the country, students, parents, teachers were walking to school. these kids were on their way this morning. the idea is
raised by prominent romney backer ge executive jack welch put the challenger in a tough spot. >> if he agrees with it, where's the evidence? and if he disagrees with it, once of his principle supporters is problematic. >> set to release one more job's report four days before the november election. ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the rate dropped from 8.1% because the number of people who got jobs soared. biggest monthly jump since 2003. 86,000 more jobs were added in july and august. >>> tonight at 10:30 what we found when we asked people about the economy and whether they've seen an improvement. >> on wall street the new jobs report did little to move the stock numbers. the debt crisis in europe or spain or greece are facing challenges continued to loom over investigators today. the dow was up 34 points. >>> filed plans for a $100 million initial public offering. the wireless network equipment maker has not said how many shares it plans to sell. the company's revenue nearly doubled to $93.9 million in the first half of this year. >>> stock closed today near lowest level ever
, we are seeing the moment, where bentsen says to dan quayle, you are no jack kennedy and, you hear the roar from the crowd but he was running with dukakis and we didn't end up with him. >> i remember after the debate was over i asked the question of dan quayle, if something happened to the president, god forbid what would be the first thing you'd do and he fumbled the question and, lloyd bentsen had a smooth answer and i asked the same question again, because i thought, he had a chance to think about it while dan quayle fumbled and give him another crack at it to be fair, right? and he fumbled it again and, tom brokaw asked a third time and he gave the answer mentioning jack kennedy and left the opening for him to say that. what i'm saying is, i thought at the time, man, that will turn it into a rout and will be the sound bite that plays forever, this is a bad night for the ticket. the g.o.p. ticket. and i went downstairs afterwards into the press room and i saw david broder with the "washington post," a fair minded reporter and i said what do you think. >> and he said there might
go up a little bit." those comments were from trader jack scoville of price futures group. he is skeptical about earlier reports of a bacon shortage because of the large amount of hogs that would have be slaughtered to cause a shortfall of pork. in our cover story, auto gadgetry that would make james bond proud. but instead of helping a crafty spy elude bad guys, these devices do all kinds of things including helping you lower your car insurance premiums. in planes, trains and busses they're called black boxes or event recorders. they provide a readout of speed, acceleration, braking and a host of things about engine performance. these telematic devices are now rolling out for cars. later this month, the audiovox company begins selling its car connection in sears and pep boys stores across the country. parents of teenage drivers are expected to be particularly interested. but telematics are especially popular with the insurance industry, and in most states now, companies are offering them to customers. "8 out of the 10 top insurers have these programs where motorists can sign
about it. >> every time it goes down, refinery blows up and they jack it back up again, you know what i mean? it's like it's on purpose or something, you know. >> reporter: people say they are hoping the price doesn't stay too high too long. otherwise, they will have to pass on the higher costs to you know who, all of us. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2news. >>> more details now, the cause of the price spike is a combination of a power outage, planned maintenance, and a closure of a main pipeline, which have all led to low supply. the shutdown of the unit at richmond chevron refinery following the fire back in august is also a factor here. on top of all of this, refineries statewide are producing less ahead of next month's switchover to a winter blend of gasoline. >>> the investigation into a san jose teacher who allegedly molested a second grade student took a different turn today. newly released court documents now show notes taken by the school principal indicate that she knew of the abuse early on, but did not report it until chandler was accused of molesting ano
much longer. >> every time it goes down, refinery blows up, and they jack it back up again, you know what i mean? it's like it's on purpose or something. >> reporter: most people we spoke with say they are confident the spike is only temporary, but if it does last, delivery charges and food prices could start going up. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2news. >>> some gas station operators chose to shut down temporarily rather than pay the rapidly rising wholesale prices. the giant discounter costco closed this and other stations in southern california. some other stations were charging more than $5 a gallon. >>> coming up in 13 minutes, what's behind this big gas price spike? we look at some of the factors that have pushed prices close to $5 a gallon. >>> tesla cea is dismissing concerns that they face financial problems. last week, they cut its full year revenue forecast and said it was raising another $150 million by offering more shares. the ceo says there's nothing to worry about and says tesla is making an advanced payment on the federal loan used to make its mo
. >> every time it goes down, refinery blows up, they jack is back up. it's like this on purpose or something. >> the spikes might be temporary, but if it a while, delivery charges and food prices could start going up for everybody. >>> higher gas prices have driven many people to wait in long lines to fill up tanks and dis-- at discount retailers. this is at a cots co. several stations with lower prices have reported even running out of unleaded fuel because of the demand. many economists say a fuel shortage crisis could be looming for california drivers. >>> account -- we posted tools to find the cheapest gays at >>> the first human case of west nile hat been found in monterey company. the person was out of state when they got the virus. this is the county's first human case since 2009. so far this year, west nile has been detected in 40 counties around the state. >>> palo alto police are looking for a man suspected of burglar icing a home on eric row head way. -- on arrowhead way. they say this man stole a gaming console of the she saw the man as she was driving home, and got on
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8